Shortage of V8 pickups downplayed by GM image

It appears that relying on a forecasted popularity of the updated V6 in its refreshed 2014 full-size pickups, General Motors decided not to order enough parts for the more-popular V8 – causing a shortage of supply.

Because of the bad call,  Chevrolet and GMC dealers only have around 80% of the V8 Silverados and Sierras they need. The No.1 US automaker says the situation would be remedied soon, but won’t get more specific – with no time frame on the date it will start to ramp up production of the more fashionable engine.

Pickups are among the most profitable vehicles in the US market, and rival Ford Motor has an all new generation of the best-selling F-150 coming out next year. Besides, every sale GM loses because it doesn’t have the right engine is one that could be forever gone, as work users usually keep their vehicles for a long time and could head off to the competition.

GM says the supply issue comes from auto parts distributors, which, following GM’s forecast for the necessary engines in the trucks, can’t manufacture enough of a needed part. GM declined to identify the component. It’s unique to the 5.3, though, according to GM so the short supplies won’t affect other engines.

Via USAToday