Singer Bobby Brown Gets 55 Days in Prison for DUI Charge image

Bobby Brown has been sentenced to two months in a Los Angeles jail and four years of probation for DUI.

In October 22nd, Bobby Brown, 44, was arrested after the police pulled him over for driving erratically and was charged with DUI. Cops also found out that the singer was driving on a suspended license, after a similar incident earlier in 2012. Bobby Brown was also convicted of driving under influence in 1996.

Today, February 27th, the singer pled no contest to the charges and was sentenced to 55 days jail time and 4 years of probation. He will also have to complete the 18-month alcohol program. By March 20th, when he will turn himself in to jail, Bobby will have to attend 3 AA meeting per week.

In March 2012, Whitney Houston’s ex-husband Bobby Brown was arrested in Los Angeles on suspicion of driving under the influence. It is reported that the singer’s blood alcohol level was .08 or higher at the time of his arrest. He was sentenced to three years’ probation and a day in Los Angeles County jail. In addition, Brown was fined $390 and was ordered to attend a 90-day alcohol education program. For the 1996 DUI conviction, Bobby served eight days in jail.