Singer is now into building watches – great ones, of course image

The company is better known for fulfilling our childhood dreams – beautifully reimagining classic Porsches with up to date technology and power credentials.

But this time around they decided on something else for their latest project – albeit with the same level of craftsmanship. Singer Vehicle Design’s reimagined Porsches cost an arm and a leg – and maybe the remaining arm needs their first watch – the Track 1. The idea is actually the fruit of a partnership between Singer chief Rob Dickinson, watch designer Marco Borraccino, and watchmaker Jean-Marc Wiederrecht, according to reports. And the timepiece’s mechanical movement is quite the equivalent of a hypercar by keeping the automotive comparison here. The Track 1 gets Wiederrecht’s AgenGraphe caliber movement, with a couple of aluminum discs rotate on the outside, and the pointer at the traditional six o’clock position actually shows the current time.

Singer is now into building watches – great ones, of course 2

The dials meanwhile are tasked to deliver the chronograph’s stopwatch functions – including hours, minutes, and seconds. And while classic chronographs can only measure a maximum of 12 hours, the Track 1 can actually go on for up to 60 hours. There’s also a clear back to see the complicated innards, brushed titanium case with polished details, 3 millimeters across (1.69 inches). The leather strap is just as fancy – with metal eyelets. The launch edition will come in 50 units and at a cost of 39,800 Swiss Francs.