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founded in 2007 and online from 2008, it was started as a media gallery and shortly evolved to a completly new stage. We like to call it “real-time” automotive news website. Inautonews is dedicated to all the automobiles lovers. The website covers the entire automotive industry with latest news, reviews, high-quality photos and commentary about cars and the automotive industry. We travel all around the world from Geneva, Frankfurt, Paris to Detroit and Tokyo to bring “real-time” real news to our audience. Today - Major media outlets such as Reuters, Bloomberg automotive organizations like OICA and many automakers cite our news website in different news articles and reports. Delivery - Now inautonews is listed on all major news agregators, like Google News, Bing News, Yahoo News and many more.

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Inautonews Editorial Team

Serafim Zetel Mircea - CEO (email )
Zettel was part of the inautonews team from the beginning. He’s an Electrical Engineer and economist, but his passion for automotive industry is his life. Because of his automotive passion and because he’s an electrical engineer, Dudu also provides support for a series of custom ECU’s.

Cristian Gnaticov - Executive Editor (email)

Aurel Niculescu - Industry Editor (email)

Zetel Cornel - Editor (email)
Mechanical Engineer – covers most of the automotive industry. His passion – all wheel drive vehicles and mechanical transmissions.

Dumitrescu Raluca Ionela – Photography Executive (email)

Sunita Rikhav - Associate Editor

Rupesh Pawani – Social Media & Associate Editor (email)

Dragos Apetroaie - Feature Writer

Contributors for Asia - Gasgoo.com Editorial Team ( partnership )

Inautonews.com. We do not sell cars or parts.

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