Manchester United’s coach, Sir Alex Ferguson, has recently received a brand new Chevrolet Volt for free, from the carmaker.

Chevrolet has become a partner of the most popular football club in the world earlier this year and the partnership will give birth to the company’s logo on the shirts of the team in the 2014/2015 season. But in order to place this agreement into the spotlights once again, Chevrolet has offered a free Volt model to Manchester United’s coach, Sir Alex Ferguson.

“I think the Volt is absolutely phenomenal. A friend of mine drove one in the States and kept going on and on about it, so when I had the opportunity I said ‘yeah I’m going to try it because it’s the car of the future, really’. I’m very pleased with it”, said Sir Alex Ferguson.

Ferguson has received the extended range Volt which can travel up to 80 km with zero emissions and, once the battery will be depleted, the petrol engine will act as a generator. The team’s coach won’t be the only one in Manchester United’s staff to receive a brand new Chevrolet model for free and the automaker has also gave one to several players, along with the ex world champion and legend of the football club, Bobby Charlton, who has received a seven-seat Captiva.

Source: Chevrolet


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