Sit back and relax while you order a BMW car through a new online system image

BMW has just launch a new retail online ordering system in the UK through which customers can configure and order a car within minutes.

It will not take long until you will not have to go to a dealer to order a car, as the online trend is monopolizing increasingly more services. Since you can buy whatever you desire online, why not a car? BMW has launched a new end-to-end buying solution for its cars through which customers will be able to handle all aspects of the car buying process online, wherever and whenever they want to. With just a few clicks, prospective BMW owners can build their car online, arrange a test drive if necessary, agree financing options and payment method, and get a trade-in value for their own car before finalizing the delivery date. Every step of the process can also be supported by a BMW Genius or a sales executive at the retailer via live chat or email. Online global commerce is expected to reach 2.5 trillion dollars by 2020, and this reflected into the car industry with 97 per cent of buyers researching their car purchase online, with customers now visiting a retailer an average just 1.4 times before completing their purchase.

The UK will be the first market globally to get BMW’s next generation internet online ordering system, introduced with the co-operation of 137 dealers in the BMW UK network. Before going out nationally, BMW Retail Online conducted a trial with nine UK retailers, which proved a success with 95 per cent of BMW UK retailers deciding to offer this service to their customers. “This is great news for retailers. It forms part of our ever more customer-centric focus and makes life easier for the customer. We see this becoming an increasingly important channel in the future,” Nigel Hurley, Sytner Group BMW Divisional Managing Director, whose retail outlet took part in the trial, said.