Sixth generation Camaro comes to fight 50-year old Mustang image

The American muscle car war has just received a new combatant – the sixth generation Chevrolet Camaro – in a bid to profit from the recent renaissance of the segment and also fend off the completely new Mustang unveiled last year.

Cheap oil across the US is forecasted to remain a constant, despite the recent oil rally that has lifted prices a bit and Chevrolet is here to reap the profits with its Camaro, recently unveiled on Belle Isle in downtown Detroit. The Camaro, in its sixth generation, is going to fight head on with the 50-year old Mustang as the models, together with Fiat Chrysler Automobiles’ Dodge Challenger have received a new lease of life as the glory days of Detroit muscle have staged a powerful comeback. The three Detroit powerhouses have at hand advanced engine and transmission technology, as well as lightweight architectures and can now put the old names into cars that are many times safer and also more powerful than the originals.

The new Camaro has gone the Mustang way – styling is evolutionary – modern in appearance and with enough throwbacks to its 1960s brethren. The real changes are under the metal, with the muscle car now bigger – longer and wider – but also 200 pounds lighter than the fifth generation, in a drive to offer street performance levels that could match the ones offered by Japanese or European sports cars. The Camaro will also come with a choice of fuel efficient engines or a gas guzzling SS model that can deliver 455 horsepower from its V8.

Via Reuters