Skeptics aside, fuel cell cars become a reality image

Famous detractors, like Tesla’s Elon Musk or Carlos Ghosn, the CEO of the Renault Nissan alliance, haven’t been able to stop the advent of the battery-electric alternative, the fuel cell.

Although supporters say that hydrogen could be the ultimate solution to the pollution problem, also overcoming the major hurdles that impede battery-powered electrics, like the small range and long recharge time, reactions towards fuel cell cars are divided.

Although many say the fuel cell cars have their own drawbacks – like the source to generate hydrogen, the storage of the fuel, the high price point and the scarcity of refill stations – automakers to seem determined on bringing them to life.

After it was already available in South Korea and Europe, Hyundai’s fuel cell Tucson SUV became available for lease in the United States. The South Korean manufacturer decided to concentrate only on fuel cells, leaving its subsidiary Kia to develop battery operated vehicles.

While Honda – with its FCX Clarity – was the first among Japanese carmakers to start the trend, fuel cell cars could get wide acceptance starting next year – when the world’s No.1 automaker, Toyota, releases its own model. Honda will follow soon, Mercedes-Benz is testing its F-Cell vehicles for some time now and others, like General Motors could soon release their own competing models.


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    Fuel Cell cars are a joke.