Skoda Citigo Rally Concept revealed in Worthersee image

The Czech based automaker Skoda has officially presented to the public a modified version of the Citigo, named the Rally, in Worthersee, which is coming as a concept car.

After starting its life under a teaser image along with the Citigo DJ, the Skoda Citigo Rally Concept is once again being placed into the spotlights, this time with the car manufacturer presenting it in Worthersee, Austria. According to Skoda, the Citigo Rally Concept is actually a preview for the upcoming rally car which the brand has in development, but the company didn’t say when the production version will be officially presented.

The Skoda Citigo Rally Concept is standing out from the crowd thanks to its new aerodynamic and aggressive body kit, which is adding new front and rear bumpers, modified side skirts, wider wheel arches, a new front grille, a redesigned hood and a rear wing, along with a different sports suspension and a fresh set of 18-inch alloy wheels which suit just perfectly under the new arches. The model’s roof has been extended with the downforce-inducing rear wing and the model has been fitted with a central mounted tailpipe.