Skoda Fabia R5 rally car goes official image

This is not your ordinary Skoda Fabia as it is one impressive racer waiting to show its skills.

Ever since the new generation of the Skoda Fabia has been introduced last year, it was obvious that it will also give birth to a new rally car, the so-called Fabia R5. The model in question has ended up in our news several times over these past few months as the company has released various teaser images and official spy shots with it in action but time has come to present you final product.

“When working on the third-generation production Fabia, which enjoyed an extremely successful start, we incorporated some of the genes from our rally cars and developed the most emotive Fabia ever. Conversely, the production model now formed the basis for the new Fabia R5”, said Frank Welsch, the Skoda board member for development.

Don’t expect the average 90 HP from the 1.2 liter engine on this model however, because this is squeezing no less than 300 HP from a 1.6 liter turbocharged unit. This may not seem all that impressive but keep in mind that we are talking about a car which is weighing just a little over a ton. Besides the impressive engine, we should also mention the special preparations made to it so that it can cope with rally events. These include the five-speed sequential transmission, the four-wheel drive system, the McPherson signed struts and so on. We should also mention the new aero kit, the full roll-cage inside it, the large wing at the rear and several other tweaks.