Skoda has produced 15 million cars since VW took over image

Back in 1991 a very old and full of tradition East European brand was in deep trouble – and it was saved from extinction via the acquisition by the Volkswagen Group, though actually Skoda only in 2000 really became the German company’s fully owned subsidiary.

It was slow at start – in 1991 Skoda was producing the morally and technically obsolete Favorit and Forman models, reaching production levels of 172,074 units that year. The first model under VW guidance was the Felicia – which appeared back in 1994 as a VW upgrade of the Favorit. Afterwards the first generation of the modern Octavia came to life and history speaks for itself – it’s now the most popular of them all by far. In 1996 the Octavia was coming out as the model engineered from the ground up under its new parent – and today it has reached overall sales of 5.6 million.

Skoda has produced 15 million cars since VW took over 2

The Fabia supermini/wagon comes second with 4 million units, followed by the now retired Felicia that sold 1.4 million and the current flagship Superb with 1.02 million. Skoda has also expanded in the SUV department with the Kodiaq and Karoq crossovers, and from three plants to 15 today. Skoda now proudly announced it has manufactured 15 million autos under VW, and also did some trivia – the cars can span a line of 66,200 kilometers (41,134 miles).