While the more adventurous Kodiaq Scout version came around with some technical enhancements, this time around for the Sportline version it\s all about the visuals.

Since it’s all show with no extra go, those looking for a performance SUV capable of holding up to seven people will need to wait for the Kodiaq RS – if it ever reaches production, as the case is still under debate, apparently. For now the Czech automaker has decided to showcase the Sportline version, coming for both the five- and seven-seat flavors, with the large SUV adopting a more dynamic stance thanks to the reworked body kit that gets more aggressive front and rear bumpers and new two-tone 19-inch wheels (optional 20-inch set). Other distinguishing features include the black accents on the front grille, side window trims, mirror caps, and the roof rails. There’s even a piece of silver trim at the back below the bumper that makes people think there are two exhaust pipes – though again it’s an illusion since the actual tip is beneath the body.

Skoda Kodiaq Sportline has the same performance credentials 2

The same as with the Scout, Skoda is only delivering the Sportline in AWD, as well as the same engine types – entry level 1.4 TSI with 150 hp (110 kW) for a 0-62 mph (0-100 kph) sprint in 9.8 seconds and a maximum speed of 122 mph (197 kph). There’s also the 2.0 TSI packing 180 hp (132 kW) and capable of an eight-second run on its way to 128 mph (207 kph). Getting the 2.0 TDI good for 150 hp (110 kW) will blend looks with efficiency, as it will reach 122 mph (197 kph) after a 62 mph sprint in 9.5 seconds – but there’s also the more powerful 190 hp (140 kW) version that sprints in 8.9 seconds and will top out at 130 mph (210 kph). The Sportline is based on Ambition trim and adds ports seats, selectable driving modes, LED ambient lighting in 10 colors, and lights in the lower section of the mirrors.


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