Skoda looks to enter into the US market image

As Volkswagen’s Czech brand is seeking to expand on other solid markets beside Europe and China, a US move is now being considered by Skoda’s top execs.

Skoda has managed to tremendously grow under the Volkswagen ownership. In the first quarter of this year, the brand managed to achieve its best ever sales results for the period with a 4.3 percent increase, while reporting a 30 percent rise of its operating profit. While the demand for its models is still strong in Europe and China, Skoda has to explore other markets as well if it plans to push for a further growth. And North America is one of the regions where the Czech company is not present yet. Therefore, it now evaluates the possibility of such a move, according to a spokesman at Skoda, adding though that a decision on the matter is not expected any time soon.

But an US entry may not prove to be such a good step at the moment, as the region is craving for SUVs and crossovers, while Skoda has currently not much to offer in these segments. And within a market where passenger cars are constantly dropping, there aren’t a lot of prospects for success. As a precautionary move however, the brand filed several trademarks at the US Patent and Trademark Office to protect the names of models such as Superb, Octavia and Yeti. VW’s unit will soon start a sport utility offensive, planning to unveil a new large SUV in September at the Paris auto show, to be followed by other models in the next few years.

Via Reuters