Skoda low-cost sports car not going into production image

Originally presented at the annual Volkswagen tuning festival in Worthersee, Austria, the roadster version of the Fabia vRS S2000 rally car will not enter production as a low-cost sports car as it was believed even if the model could have been a huge hit on the market.

“This is not the next step for us. We want to be going into volume segments”, was the Skoda’s technical chief Eckhard Scholz explanation on the subject.

Being originally designed as a true roadster, meaning that it had no roof so if it rained it wouldn’t have been too funny for the occupants, the Fabia vRS S2000 was powered by a 2.0 liter, twin turbo-charged engine, delivering over 200 horsepower (the official figure hasn’t been announced) and fitted with all-wheel drive.

Instead of focusing on the small low-cost roadster, the Czech automaker could develop a vRS version of the MissionL Concept unveiled at Frankfurt last week, with the production version hitting the showrooms sometimes next year.