Skoda Octavia Green Line EV begins testing image

The Czech based automaker Skoda has recently announced that the Octavia Green Line EV will officially begin its testing, which will last for at least 12 months and 15.000 kilometers.

According to the Volkswagen mother brand of Skoda, the Skoda Octavia Green Line EV will soon begin a long test, of more than 15.000 kilometers and at least 12 months, which will ensure the compatibility with the technologies available at the VW Group. The Skoda Octavia Green Line is the Czech based sub-brand attempt of entering the electric vehicle segment, and even if this particular model isn’t quite offering high-performance, this might be just what the European market needs, and, who knows, maybe the production version will be different.

Skoda says that the Octavia Green Line EV is using a lithium-ion battery which will help its electric motor generate a total output if 115 horsepower, with 81 horsepower available continuously, and it will have a peak torque of 270 Nm. The Skoda Octavia Green Line can accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in 12 seconds and according to its manufacturer, the top speed is 135 km/h. The maximum range offered by the Octavia Green Line is 150 km on a single charge. An interesting feature on this model is that up to 40 km/h, the sound generator produces an internal combustion sound in order to warn pedestrians.