Skoda Octavia vRS hits 200 mph at Bonneville image

The salt flats in Salt Lake City, Utah, are the perfect place for testing a car’s top speed, but when the Bonneville speed week is scheduled than almost every “race” is potential news for petrol heads.

The fastest Octavia yet, modified to develop 500 BHP, managed to achieve a top speed of over 200 mph on its second run, while on its first test it went up to 195.69 mph, with journalist Richard Meaden from EVO magazine behind the wheel.

The Octavia vRS was powered by the same 2.0 liter TSI engine, which was fitted with a larger Garrett turbocharger producing 30 PSI of boost pressure, along with a new intercooler. The ride height was lowered by 80 mm and high-octane race fuel went into the tank.

Safety measures were also taken, like a reinforced roll cage, parachute and fire extinguishers, but all went well and the Skoda Octavia vRS reached a top speed of 202.15 mph.