Skoda plans new larger SUV and 5-door Rapid hatchback image

The Czech based automaker Skoda is planning to develop a larger SUV than the Yeti and a five-door hatchback version of the Rapid.

Skoda has big plans for its future models and after it had announced its plans to introduce several new models annually, the company is ending up in our news once more, this time with two rumors. According to the guys at the brand is planning to produce a new SUV, larger than the Yeti. The model in question will be vital for the success of the company’s growth plan and this should ride on the good-for-all MQB architecture.

Considering the fact that the Yeti is based on the VW Tiguan, we can assume that the new larger SUV will be based on the Touareg, but it will probably ditch the premium materials used in the cabin in order to go for a more rugged feel, something similar to the Nissan Pathfinder. Besides the new larger SUV, Skoda is also planning to introduce a five-door hatchback version of the Rapid. This will probably follow the same lines as the VisionD concept unveiled back in 2011 and it’s expected to be unveiled during the 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show.