VW’s Czech brand was named by JD Power the most dependable brand in UK, while Jaguar Land Rover was ranked last.

The 2016 Vehicle Dependability survey made by JD Power for the UK market found Skoda on top for second year running. The study measured the problems experienced during the past 12 months by around 13, 000 British owners after 12-36 months of driving their cars. JD Power ranks the automakers based on the number of reported issues per 100 vehicles (PP100). Skoda, with a score of 66, was followed by Suzuki and Kia, with Vauxhall and Peugeot – in a tie with Volkswagen – rounding up the top 5. The least dependable was surprisingly found to be Land Rover with 197 problems per 100 cars, thus “beating” Dacia and Audi.

For the second year in row, mass-market automotive brands in the United Kingdom collectively had fewer problems than premium brands, the study showed. However, JD Power noted that luxury marques also had more tech features on boards, one of the largest sources of quality issues. The most often reported connectivity-related issue was the built-in Bluetooth mobile phone/device frequent pairing/connectivity problems.

“Customers in the UK expect their vehicle to be problem-free, not only in the first 90 days, but also during the first three years of ownership. When owners experience even a single problem with their vehicle, this can be the initiation of losing confidence in the vehicle and the brand,” Axel Sprenger, senior director of European automotive operations at J.D. Power, said about the survey’s findings. The study also shows that owners are more likely to stay loyal to a brand if they experience fewer problems with that particular car marque.


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