Skoda has bagged good opportunities and grabbed some attentions by offering a new iteration of the Fabia to the Wörthersee show. This new model is based on the Fabia Super 2000 rally car.

The Skoda Fabia RS 2000 concept is a roadster version of the Fabia and was developed exclusively for the 2011 GTI- Wörthersee event. Boasting four seats for the passengers, this car has diverted a lot of attention towards itself. It offers ample of space for the four occupants to climb and sit comfortably. In fact, Skoda has also brought Fabia Super 2000, Fabia Monte Carlo, and Fabia RS along with this particular rally car.

Lake Wörthersee’s GTI-Treffen in Reifnitz was well prepared to draw as much tuning fans as possible from around Europe. Following that, Skoda has again ruled on the line by showcasing its Fabia RS 2000 design concept, which is been made especially for this anniversary meeting along with other rally cars. Apart from its latest innovations in its sports models, ŠKODA is also set to offer an entertainment packed programme.

Despite Skoda, Volkswagen and Audi have also participated in the event an unveiled Golf GTI Edition 35 (though it is already available in Germany) and 500hp A1 Clubsport Quattro concept respectively. However, possibilities are less for Fabia RS 2000 concept to make up to productions with less appearance. Skoda has to work a little more to make it ready for the final productions.


By Sunita Mandal


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