Skoda aims at selling in China 25% of the anticipated 1.5 million vehicles sales in 2018.

China is currently Skoda’s largest market, and to achieve the aimed target Chinese division President Gerrit A. Marx declared that production of the Yeti SUV and Rapid compact will begin in 2013. The Rapid is based on the MissionL which was launched in Beijing at the International Automotive Exhibition this year. The Rapid compact is expected to hit the market in 2013 at the Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition. The model will be exported to other countries too, being the first Skoda model with a global target audience produced outside of the Czech Republic.

On the other hand, the Yeti SUV has been expected since 2010, when the company signed an agreement with Shanghai VW. Now, Dr. Marx declared that the Yeti declared that production will begin soon and that the model will be modified according to the Chinese customers’ requirements and needs. The Yeti will also be more spacious and bigger than its overseas counterpart.

Skoda also plans to expand the number of its dealerships in China from the current 390 to 550, focusing more on customer service than on sales. From January until May 2012 Skoda managed to sell 400,000 units worldwide, and Dr. Marx hopes the company will exceed sales of 500,000 units by 2020.


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