Skoda has recently announced a new special edition of the Yeti, which will be named the Ice Special, and it will get the faux fur exterior finish.

Despite April Fools’ Day has passed, some good jokes need to be reminded. One of these is Skoda’s “newest” model, the so-called Yeti Ice Special Edition. According to the car manufacturer, the model in question is coming with a faux fur exterior finish which has been created by the Skoda engineers working in the Himalayas.

“SKODA is celebrating the launch of its new Yeti range with a remarkable new special edition – the Yeti Ice. On sale today, the new model pioneers a radical new faux fur finish that has been developed by SKODA engineers working in the Himalayas”, says the company in its official press release.

The new Skoda Ice Special Edition has a warm cabin, thanks to its faux fur, and it’s allowing the company’s test drivers to save significant amount of fuel by turning off the heater in cold climates of the Arctic Circle. Several customization options will be offered, such as the fur extensions, the side-partings, the comb and brush kit to maintain the faux fur, shampoo and more.


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