Skoda Yeti Pickup concept revealed in Leipzig image

BT Design has pulled the wraps off its latest creation during the 2012 AMI (Auto Mobil International) in Leipzig, Germany, a Skoda Yeti pickup named the ETAPE Concept.

The Skoda Yeti pickup in question might actually catch up if BT Design and the Czech based automaker will sign a joint venture and the model might be an alternative to the American pickups which are too large for European roads. The Skoda Yeti pickup designed by BT Design has been named the ETAPE concept and its body has been completely changed, coming now with two doors, a wide body kit, a flatbed in the back and a new cabin.

“We want to inspire individuals and the whole industry. Our aim is to provoke even greater demand for individualization of cars from both end used and manufacturers. At the same time, we want to present the possibility of building a completely unique promotional vehicle to order to various companies”, said the BT Design managing director, Josef Zajicek.

According to its creators, the Skoda Yeti Pickup ETAPE Concept has only one thing left which was unchanged, and that is its engine hood. Apart from that, the model is coming with a wide body kit with extended wheel arches, new front fascia, new rear fascia, new side skirts, new rims and a new design for the interior.