Skoda’s SUV Lineup to Add Two More Models image

Skoda plans to extend its SUV lineup with a Citigo-based small SUV and an all-new seven-seater.

As the Yeti model has increased its popularity each year since it was launched in 2009, Skoda has thought to add two more models, targeting different types of buyers. The first on the automaker’s list of priorities is a larger, seven-seater SUV, which will be unveiled next year at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

“A seven-seater is the most logical route from our customers’ point of view,” said Skoda head of development Dr Frank Welsch. “If we do SUVs, they should be typical Skodas, with lots of space. In this respect a 5+2 layout works perfectly.”

Skoda currently has 4% of the European market and it relies on a model like this to keep increasing this share, but also boost sales in China from 235,000 to 500,000 units. The big seven-seater is to be based on the largest MQB platform and will have included the latest fuel-efficient four-cylinder VW Group engine.

Following the seven-seater will be the new Yeti, which was unveiled at the 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show. The model has two new versions: the sleeker City model and the rugged Outdoor with plastic cladding. Still, we will not see an all-new Yeti, based on the MQB platform, until 2016.

“For now we need roomy cars first, so we are focusing on this bigger Yeti,” said Welsch. “That doesn’t mean there’s less room for a small SUV, though. We are a member of the VW Group and can take it, but let’s wait and see.”