Due to slow sales Chrysler announced it will suspend SRT Viper sport coupe production for more than two months.

A spokesman for the US based automaker said that 91 hourly workers from the automaker’s Detroit Corner Avenue Assembly will be laid off.

“Chrysler Group confirms that its Conner Avenue Assembly Plant will be down, beginning the week of April 14. Production will resume the week of June23,”the company said in a written statement.

During the first two months of this year dealers in the US have sold only 91 SRT Viper sport coupe units and on March 1 they had 756 vehicles unsold, which represents a 412-day supply. The 640-hp two-seater Vipers had a rough sales time during winter as the vehicles do not grip well in cold weather.

According to Chrysler, the Viper has been designed for a specific clientele who is expected to value exclusivity, style and performance.

The hand-crafted US exotic model was never designed to be a mass-production car. That is why, over the past two decades, only 29,000 such vehicles have been manufactured.

The ability to increase and decrease production at the Conner Avenue Assembly Plant allows the company to continue to our consumer’s desire to keep these special cars exclusive.

The SRT Viper (formerly the Dodge Viper prior to the 2013 model year) is powered by an all aluminum 8.4-liter V-10 rated at 640 horsepower (477 kW; 649 PS) and at 600 lb·ft (813 N·m).  Top speed of the SRT Viper is 206 mph (331kmh). The new model is the first to feature Viper’s third logo, nicknamed “Stryker”.

The 2013 model was unveiled for the first time to the public during the 2012 New York Auto Show.


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