Slow sales of the SRT Viper leads to production slashing image

SRT has recently slashed the production of the new Viper generation because of the model’s slow sales.

The new generation of the SRT Viper may have been well received by the public but between this and the actual selling of the car is a long way, as the company has recently found out. While things are going extremely well for the new Corvette Stingray, for which the waiting list can even stand at 6 months, the new generation of the SRT Viper isn’t doing so well. The production of the sports car has been slashed by a third because of slow sales and a lack of demand.

Even if this sounds like a lot of numbers being involved, it actually means that Chrysler will produce 3 less Vipers daily. The original target of the company was 2,000 units annually, but in the last 8 months, the carmaker only sold 426 units, across the United States. A 289-day supply of SRT Vipers, which is translated into a number of 426 units, are still found in dealerships. Despite the slow sales and weak demand, Ralph Gilles, the SRT CEO, is still optimistic on the sports car’s future and believes that sales will pick up once next spring arrives.

Source: Automotive News