Smart actually plans ForTwo Cabrio, Brabus and Electric image

Daimler’s brand Smart is planning to introduce Cabrio, Electric and Brabus versions of the recently unveiled ForTwo city car.

The new generation of the Smart ForTwo has been officially unveiled just a few days ago and since them everyone has been talking about other versions of the city car, but the company has denied them, through the voice of Annette Winkler, the Smart CEO, but it seems that these will actually be produced. According to a recent report, published by, the Smart ForTwo’s new generation will include Cabrio, Electric and Brabus versions over the next few years.

The 2015 Smart ForTwo lineup will grow with a ForTwo Cabrio and this will also translate to its four-door brother, the ForFour. The model will come with a retractable fabric roof, such as the one on the Fiat 500C. The ForTwo will also gain a “green” electric version over the next few years, along with a more powerful one, which will be signed by Brabus. The ForFour is believed to gain a stretched variant which will be offered in China and in the United States. Chances are that the Renault Twingo, which is sharing most of its parts with the ForTwo, will also gain some new versions, but this is unconfirmed for the moment.