Smart has recently announced its plans to produce a few units of a brand new ForTwo Brabus special edition, which will be built with the assistance of the company’s fans.

Smart may be ready to introduce a new generation of the ForTwo over the following months, but in order to keep interest high in the current generation of the model, the company has announced the production of a ForTwo Brabus special Fan edition, which will be made with the company’s fans assistance.

“Smart BRABUS has always been the right address for smart fans who want to make their city runabout even more individual: since 2002 the smart partner has brought more than 50,000 customized vehicles to the roads. But the smart BRABUS fan edition is breaking new ground: all smart fans are able to vote online for the configuration of the special model that will go on sale in the autumn”, said Smart in its official press release.

You will be able to vote for the model in question in five rounds, selecting its color, the color / quilting of the seats, the color tridion safety cell or the style of the alloy wheels. The process will determine what the model will eventually look. Fans can also win a trip to the “Smart times 2014” event in Cascais, Portugal, beside helping the development of the new ForTwo special edition, signed by Brabus.


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