Smart for-us to be unveiled at Detroit Motor Show image

At the upcoming Detroit Motor Show, Smart, the German automaker will officially unveil the for-us, a two-passenger, battery-powered mini-pickup that it describes by the automaker as a “mobility concept.”

Called the Forus, a name chosen to indicate its suitability for the pickup-loving U.S. market, the concept is a bit “tongue-in-cheek” in the face of the mega-pickups of today – because it has only 3547mm and is powered by a 55 kW magneto-electric motor.

The 75 mph vehicle comes with an interesting interior — Sleek, taut surfaces in mother-of-pearl white combined with precisely designed technical functional elements in brushed aluminium.
In place of a conventional rear-view mirror the smart for-us features a smartphone accommodated in a holder on top of the instrument panel support. The driver can see what is happening on the road behind with the help of an integrated video camera.
The seat shells, which are open in the middle, are covered with a soft yellow fabric throw giving them a hammock-like seating feel.

For now, only these concept sketches have been released, so we’ll have to wait a few more weeks to see the concept itself at Detroit.