Smart ForTwo Brabus By Vilner is no Drama Queen image

With Smart looking to go all electric these days in America, it’s easy to oversee the brand that was never known for spectacular ideas or big sales.

The Smart brand was a good idea that was poorly executed to begin with – way too big price for a way too small car. The only perk is you can park a Smart virtually anywhere, since it actually fits head on in parallel parking spaces. Other than that… even the new generations are still lacking lots of things to call them proper cars – not the price, though. But fortunately there are tuners who work on tuner’s cars… like Vilner did on a Brabus Smart ForTwo from the first generation. And while it’s green, it’s certainly not looking after the environment. Vilner has a tendency to be a bit of a showoff – and we’re not used to seeing them do work on a Smart ForTwo Cabriolet.

Smart ForTwo Brabus By Vilner is no Drama Queen 1

This time around, the Brabus Smart ForTwo by Vilner needs to be flashy – seriously if you drive such a small car you might as well attract al eyes. Vilner first started removing the cheap plastics from the interior and clad everything save for “a few square centimeters” in Alcantara, leather, or carbon fiber. A-pillars and the soft-top cabrio headliner get the first, to contrast with the black materials and carbon fiber trim. And then the shade of green can only be called radioactive… The exterior shares pearl white with – even more green, but there are also subtle carbon fiber pieces.