Smart ForTwo by Brabus confirmed image

A Daimler executive has recently confirmed the company’s plans to produce a hot version of the new Smart ForTwo generation, which will be signed by Brabus.

Ever since it has been introduced a few months back, the new generation of the Smart ForTwo has been rumored to get a hot version, which will be signed by Brabus. Since then, spy photographers from across the Old Continent have managed to capture what is believed to be the hotter variant of the ForTwo on camera several times but, until now, we had no official statement going into this direction.

According to the guys from Autoblog, who have spoken to a Daimler executive, the vehicle in question is green-lighted and a prototype is already under development. The new Brabus ForTwo model is believed to offer between 105 HP and 120 HP, but the engine will not be the only modification as the suspension system and brakes will be tweaked too. The vehicle will also get a new and more aggressive body kit, larger wheels and a modified cabin. It will be sharing the same engine with the new Renaultsport Twingo. More details on it are limited at the moment but this will be introduced sometimes in 2015.