Smart ForTwo by Project Kahn image

When we think about Project Kahn big SUVs appear in our mind with interesting modifications to the body, like the Jeep Wrangler Targa presented just a day ago.

But this news isn’t about big SUVs, in fact it quite the opposite and Project Kahn decided to get their hands on a Smart ForTwo, inspired probably by West Coast Custom who modified a similar model which belongs to Vladimir Kliciko.

The tuner has released an exterior modification package for the “Mercedes sub-brand” which includes a special body kit, two-tone exterior finish and what else but new rims, multi-spoke.

“Do you want your smart car to look like this? If you do, it may interest you to know, principal British designer, Afzal Kahn, is giving you one lucky smart car a chance in a lifetime opportunity to have their car personalized by the man himself”, as the tuner says.

So if you want your car too like this all you have to do is write at and explain why you want your car to be chosen.