Smart ForTwo Electric Drive becomes official with 99-mile range [LIVE Paris update] image

To be revealed in front of the worldwide audience later on at the upcoming Paris Motor Show, the Smart brand has already spilled the first official details about the new ForTwo Electric Drive.

Featuring a new generation powertrain, the ForTwo ED has more power, more range – but decreased charging time, which now counts to just 2.5 hours, less than half of its predecessor. The ForTwo ED in European guise has an electric motor good for 80 horsepower and 118 pound-feet of torque, and an NEDC-estimated driving range of 99 miles (160 kilometers). The current model packs 74 hp, 96 lb-of torque, and a 75-mile rating on a full charge. Compared to 5.5 hours, the new 2.5 hours charging time is actually blazing fast.


The Smart also has a… smart app for the smartphone that delivers charge information, as well as the ability to control various settings such as interior pre-conditioning and intelligent charging. With instant torque and a tight turning circle, this car is entirely adequate to city driving – which is where it should be confined due to slouch performance credentials: 60 mph is done in 11.4 seconds (or 11.7 for the convertible) and the maximum speed is just 81 mph. The Electric Drive can be had across the entire Smart family – ForTwo coupe and Cabriolet as well as the new ForFour.