Smart Forvision Concept made by Daimler and BASF image

Daimler and BASF have developed a new concept vehicle that combines both companies’ ideas for holistic electric mobility.

The resulting vehicle is the smart forvision, which has been developed with a special emphasis on energy efficiency, temperature management and lightweight design.

Most noticeably there’s a new design language, inspired by the ForSpeed concept car. It includes larger, more rounded headlights, carved door panels and honeycomb shapes throughout. The roof features organic solar cells that create energy to power the Forvision’s multimedia components and climate control.

The lighter an electric vehicle is, the less drive energy it requires, and the greater its range will be. Making vehicles lighter will therefore be one of the key challenges for electric mobility in the future, and BASF can make an important contribution here.

The concept will be fitted with all-plastic wheels that are about 3kg lighter than a conventional metal rim.

However, the vehicle will be a technological showcase at Frankfurt Motor Show : developed together with chemical specialist BASF, the Forvision relies in electric power and uses multiple innovative eco technologies.

The next-generation ForTwo is expected to share its underpinnings with the Renault Twingo, and will come with gasoline, diesel and electric powertrains. The power source will be mounted at the rear and drive the corresponding axle.

As the latest concept reveals, Smart will be going even smaller than the current model and pick up a new cutesy look that should win it a lot of fans.