Smart Presents an Upcoming Brabus Model: Video image

A new model is flaunting itself by giving a clue that it may make its debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show. Smart has offered a teaser video that highlights an upcoming Brabus model.

The shooting of this car is done in the Brabus factory located in Bottrop, Germany and is supposed to be based on the ForTwo. If it’s true then one thing must have to consider that the car offers impressive performance with low emissions. The Smart ForTwo BRABUS is rated at 72 kW / 98 bhp along with its other model, Smart ForTwo BRABUS Xclusive. It’s low consumption and low CO2 emissions are the major highlight.

However, now it depends whether Smart has bagged something new to impress its customers or is just alike its earlier versions. Though it’s not sure that this car is based on the Brabus model, but it is supposedly considered that Smart has dropped some clues to those who are looking forward for it for say it is the fastest smart in the world. Where possibilities say that this car will be unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show this September, one will wait to see what new it has to offer without being surprised that a mystery is out suddenly.

Though this car is considered as the mystery model, one thing we should focus on is that Brabus had already displayed the 2003 Roadster V6 bi-turbo as well as 2006 ForFour race concept. Out of these two, the 2006 model has delivered 210 PS (154 kW / 207 hp) and 300 Nm (221 lb-ft) of torque. With the help of this performance, the car made a top speed of about 240 km/h (149 mph).

Since details are limited about this mysterious Brabus car, you can enjoy the video and hang around until some surprising news come out.

By Sunita Mandal