Smart Roadster will be reborn image

The new generation of Smart Roadster is very close to the production line and it will hit the showrooms sometime next year.

According to Autoexpressnews, a Smart customer was informed after a visit to his local dealer about the plans to produce a new generation of the Roadster. This is not everything and also a 4×4 rival of the Mini Countryman is also on its way.

The new generation of the Smart Roadster will be inspired by the ForSpeed concept revealed at the Geneva Motor Show and it will continue the 2003 design.

This is not the first time that the Roadster has been announced for a comeback and five years ago the Project Kimber industry group planned to sell revised versions of the model with the AC badge on it, but the project dropped before the prototype hit the roads.

The future rival of the Mini Countryman will be based on the new B-Class Mercedes platform and it will adopt the Smart logo, being the company’s largest model yet.

New generations of the ForTwo and ForFour models are also in plan and they will hit the showrooms in 2014.