Smart teases something green and futuristic for Frankfurt image

The 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show is coming up fast and everybody is hurrying to reveal their novelties – either in full or at least in teaser form, just like Smart is doing.

Daimler’s still unsuccessful from our point of view Smart brand is teasing us to a new concept that will go live in front of the worldwide audience of the German autoshow on September 11. Smart is set to deliver even more details in between – and we could also see a good ol’ leak just prior to the reveal, as is fashionable these days. What we can already tell is this is a green offering – it’s not hard to imagine that, considering their new US strategy – with the entirely electric powertrain stemming from the technical developments for the Mercedes-Benz EQ sub-brand.

The Smart prototype is labeled as a “fully autonomous driving study” and it’s also the first product from the brand that fully belongs to the CASE corporate strategy – which stands for “Connected,” “Autonomous,” “Shared,” and “Electric.” It’s also not a personal car, but rather a car sharing concept specifically designed for the urban area. Most likely it’s also connected and able to fully drive itself, so you wouldn’t need one parked all day long in front of your driveway when you’re not commuting.