Smart unveils ForTwo Brabus Fan Edition image

The Smart ForTwo Brabus Fan Edition has been officially unveiled as the model in question will be showcased next month, in Portugal.

Smart’s newest creation is named the ForTwo Brabus Fan Edition and it has been recently unveiled. The model in question will be showcased in Cascais, Portugal, next month and it has been created basically by the company’s fans. The vehicle was voted and now the contest has ended and what you see in the image posted above is actually the final configuration of this one-off vehicle, which basically looks just like any other new-gen ForTwo out there to us.

The car manufacturer says that this Smart ForTwo Brabus Edition is finished in a glossy deep blue and it has received some white tridion safety cell. The vehicle is riding on matte grey alloy wheels which have been signed by Brabus. The cabin of the car is getting the leather upholstery with embroidered headrests and some other minor tweaks which will help it stand out from a crowd. It’s not sure at the moment what engine we can find under its hood, but more details on it will be announced between the 17th and the 19th of July, at smart times 14, in Cascais, Portugal.