SmartStart iPhone app from Viper Security image

Car security company Directed Electronics is unveiling a new iPhone application Tuesday that lets customers control parts of their Viper SmartStart-enabled vehicle from their iPhone or iPod Touch.

The app, called Viper SmartStart, is quite similar toZipcar’s recently released iPhone app, except it can work with your car, and not one you’re renting for the weekend. It too creates a virtual keychain control module that can do things like lock and unlock your vehicle, open the trunk, and activate the alarm, getting rid of the need to carry around one of those keychain clickers as long as you’ve got your phone handy.

If you already own a compatible Viper security system, the SmartStart module will let lock and unlock your car, arm and disarm your car alarm, pop the trunk, or fire off that panic alarm — all from your cherished handset. There are two modules available, priced at $299 and $499, depending on which Viper system you’ve installed. You also need a SmartStart account which will run you $29 a year (the first year’s free). But don’t take our word for it — check out the action-packed video below for a breathtaking recreation of the system’s features.