SNL spoof involves Seinfeld star and the new Mercedes AA Class image

Julia Louis-Dreyfus, of Seinfeld and Veep fame, has decided to pay a visit to the Saturday Night Live show and in the process has also taken the time to take the wraps off the all new “Mercedes AA Class”.

The model has been named the “first fully electric luxury sedan powered entirely by AA batteries, ” and as such the C-Class derived model has been developed using a high-tech powertrain. The technical credentials deliver zero emissions and a maximum sped of 52 miles per hour – or 84 km/h. This could be a serious drawback but the issues are even deeper than you might imagine: the AA Class needs no less than 9,648 AA batteries to function. And these are not included with the purchase of the vehicle. This means it’s going to be more expensive than expected because making the calculations starting from a 48 pack of Duracell Coppertop Alkaline AA batteries ($18) it turns out every “refill” will set you back $3,618.

This is not a real introduction, of course, even if Julia Louis-Dreyfus does point out the bright side of the equation – not having to deal with charging stations or power cords. By the way, Mercedes is your typical German automaker so every basis has been covered: the upscale basics are covered with the Bose audio system, a GPS navigation system and there’s even a big trunk to pack in AA battery replacements. The latter can be replaced individually (!) or all at once using a ribbon release system which sends all 9,648 batteries out through four special holes cut in the body.