Software is gaining importance in cars image

When you think about vehicles you don’t usually associate them (in terms of computing) with software – as they definitely seem to be all about hardware. But the “Internet of things” is changing that misconception.

The truth is that ever since computers appeared, they were also integrated into our cars and were operated by software. The impact is only now visible though as our perception of the world has been essentially changed by the apparition of one simple commodity – the smartphone.

And from titans like Google or Apple – which launched their own car versions of Android and iOS – to suppliers that worked with automakers for decade on electronics, they all fell in love with the endless possibilities offered by one massive, global, all-engulfing platform – the Internet. With cars connected 24/7 to the Internet, the rising trend towards autonomous and networked cars (that communicate with each other and the environment), connectivity is about to have a profound impact on the auto industry.

While somewhat Orwellian because of all the data privacy issues, car sales could move entirely online by 2025, while connected cars could monitor your behavior while driving and give you low insurance quotes if you are an honorable citizen. Not to mention the possibility of car-sharing – many new companies arise daily in the business and you might end up not owning a car but still using one daily.

Via Forbes