Enough is enough – so many news about economics, politics and other bland stuff land nowadays even in our stable, which only has to do with the thoroughbreds of the automotive industry.

So, with a small change of pace for this story, we kindly ask you to buckle up and enjoy a small overview of some of the world’s weirdest driving rules. We can start with a sensitive aspect – drinking and driving, which is still allowed in some US states or other countries, like Costa Rica (with the limit set though at 0.75%), Germany (though a beer might get you over the limit as well), while in France you are technically required to have an alcohol measuring device in your car all the time. The goofiest rule should go to Louisiana’s “daiquiri exemption” – where you can have one in your hand as long as no straw is visible and the lid still in place.

If you go on vacation in Alaska you should notice that your dog is not allowed to ride on the roof, while if you choose Tennessee, you can’t shoot any animal except for a whale…
In Russia the officer can fine you if you have a dirty car, in the UK you could be pulled over if you drink a soda or eat a candy bar, while in Spain if you wear glasses you need to have a spare pare lying around as well.

And, to take the absurd to new levels, in Saudi Arabia female drivers are not technically banned from driving – though a rebellion might start if one wants to; taxi drivers in England are still officially compelled to have in their car a bale of hay and a bag of oats; in Arkansas you are forbidden from blowing your horn after 9 PM in areas where ice cold beverages or sandwiches are served; while in South Africa animals have the legal right of way, in China drivers are not supposed to stop at pedestrian crossings (!) and, finally, in Alabama it’s illegal to drive while blindfolded.


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