We’ve said it before – The Land of the Rising Sun is the absolute paradise of special edition models for the automotive industry, and that now includes things not commonly associated with cars.

Such as laptops – thanks to a recent collaboration between German automaker Mercedes-Benz and Sony, who proposes an ultra-limited-edition version of the VAIO Z notebook. The personal computer features direct references to the luxury automaker, including a shot with the Vision concept from the Tokyo motor show or a classic 300SL. But wait, there’s even more – every time you boot the device you’ll be greeted by an engine roar, and you can play the guessing game because the manufacturer doesn’t share any details about the tune, such as the model it’s originating from. And with AMG’s current huge roster, there’s work to be done to identify the donor.

If we take a look “under the bonnet” we’ll find a notebook with 8 GB of RAM, 256 GB SSD hard disc, Intel i7 processor, and Windows 10, which is just about standard for a series VAIO Z. The laptop is exclusive to Japan and it’s only being produced in 100 examples, costing 285,000 yen – there’s also a cheaper i5 version for 250,000 yen.



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