South America: Renault seeks to revive interest with new pickup image

French automaker Renault has just revealed its latest model for the Latin America, an affordable pickup dubbed the Oroch, which would cater for the interest of clients for pickups and build on the success of the Duster sport utility vehicle.

The no-frills pickup is designed to emulate interest in the segment – for example up North in the US sales of pickups have always been a boon for the three Detroit carmakers. The Oroch was presented in Buenos Aires and will be manufactured under the same architecture as the best-selling Duster SUV, also marking the first time Renault is using the double-cabin pickup architecture, adding a row of seats behind the driver and front passenger. The new model will have as regional competitors the Volkswagen Saveiro and Fiat Strada and will be offered to customers before the end of the year. Renault has not yet revealed if the Oroch would be offered and built for other markets and has not yet given the prices in South America. But given the architecture’s global appeal, it’s safe to say that at least some other markets would see the new model as well – perhaps even in Europe under the Dacia brand. “Latin America is an important market for Renault and today pickups are important in Latin America, so we had to enter the segment,” comments Renault’s commercial vehicles boss Ashwani Gupta.

Pickups in South America have gone up to around 681,000 units back in 2013 according to figures from IHS Automotive – though the overall slowdown of the region has affected deliveries in the segment as well – the forecast for 2016 sales is of 557,000 vehicles.

Via Reuters