Elon Musk’s Space X launched Sunday night the Falcon 9 rocket, the first of 12 station supply missions requested in the mega-contract with NASA.

The Falcon 9 rocket carries the Dragon capsule, which carries a 1, 000-pound cargo, including chocolate-vanilla swirl ice cream for the three residents of the international space station. Space X and NASA signed a $1.6 billion contract, which calls for 12 resupply missions. In May, Space X sent another Dragon capsule to the international space station, but only as a test.

The capsule will reach the orbiting lab Wednesday, October 10th and will remain there for almost three weeks before it will return to Earth will a more than 1,000-pound load. From now on NASA will rely on private agencies to restock the space station after it retired its shuttles to museums. The Dragon carries a vital cargo for the residents, such as food, clothes, and equipment. The capsule will return home at the end of this month, parachuted into the Pacific.

Space X, owned by billionaire Elon Musk, the owner of Tesla Motors, aims at transforming the unmanned Dragon vessels into craft that will one day carry Americans to the space station. The company expects to send crews aboard Dragons in the following three years.



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