If you’re getting into the “yachhhh” disposition reading the words spaghetti and toilet paper you can stop and just skip this official BMW one-off that it’s not categorized as an “art car”.

We all know about the German company’s program that lets artists customize some of its models and seeing this i3 would have made us think it’s part of the said initiative – it’s just as quirky and off the beaten path as the rest of the art cars. But its’ not. Instead BMW delivered their new i3 Spaghetti Car specifically for the year’s edition of the Rencontres d’Arles Festival of Photography. The one-off project is the collaborative work of BMW and Toilet Paper, which is labeled as a “bi-annual avantgarde picture-based publication and brand created by artist Maurizio Cattelan.” They’re artists… what can we say.

Spaghetti and toilet paper BMW i3 is not your official art car 0

So, while it’s obvious, we’re going to explain it again – the i3 which is not an official art car has a spaghetti-inspired wrap and Toilet Paper badging. It’s really not appealing and it doesn’t really help that Cattelan thinks “This is by far the best Spaghetti Car I have tasted! All those years of perfecting definitely paid off! Totally awesome!” We really hope we don’t see any of the other spaghetti cars he tested and we’re happy to announce that according to the artist’s wishes the design will be destroyed sometime after the Rencontres d’Arles festival – we’ll do the same with the pictures on our servers. Anyways, the official BMW Art Car for the year is being designed off the M6 GT3 in two examples, one by US West Coast legend John Baldessari and the other by young Beijing-based multimedia artist Cao Fei.



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