Spain: Free Renault Twizy offered with every Laguna or Espace image

Renault is offering a free Twizy electric vehicle with every Laguna or Espace bought in Spain in order to attract more customers into the brand.

According to the French based automaker, the free Renault Twizy offered in Spain with every Laguna or Espace bought is equaling with a 6, 990 euros discount and this also means that dealers in the Western European country have tough times selling the electric vehicle. Besides the Twizy not finding new owners in Spain, you should also know that the Laguna and the Espace are low-selling models.

As a quick reminder, the Renault Twizy is available in two versions, the Twizy 45, which is coming with 5 HP and33 Nm of torque, taking its name from its top speed, 45 km/h, and the Twizy 80, which can accelerate up to 80 km/h. Renault says that for the Twizy 45, no driver’s license is required and this version can be driven by 16-year olds if they get their road safety certification first, while the for the Twizy 80, an A or B driver’s license is required. The Twizy is 2,32 meters long, 1,19 meters wide and 1,46 meters tall, with a curb weight of 450 kg. the model has a 7 kW lithium-ion battery and a single gear transmission and it can be bought for just under 7,000 euros. The model is assembled in Valladolid, Spain.