Spain: Prostitutes must wear reflective vests! image

A Spanish mayor (Els Alamus area ) says roadside prostitutes working outside his northeastern town have begun wearing reflective vests to avoid police fines.

According to a 2004 law, pedestrians on major highways and hard shoulders (ha!) must wear the high-visibility vests. Police say they are targeting the pavement-pounding hussies not because of their occupation but because of the potential hazards they may cause drivers.

In the last few months, several prostitutes have been fined for not wearing the vests and, police say, creating danger on public highways. Women who refuse the mandatory wardrobe change face a €40 fine.

Prostitution is not banned in Spain, but it has been outlawed in some cities. However, lack of the safety vests is the only reason to fine the women working outside of the Spanish city of Lleida, where the vest program is now in effect, as prostitution is not illegal outside of the city limits.
There are an estimated 300,000 female sex workers in Spain, according to the Telegraph.

Photo: REX via UK Telegraph