Spain’s new-car registrations down 3.6 percent in December image

New-car registrations in Spain decreased 3.6 percent in December compared to the same month in 2010 to 66,458 units, according to the Spanish car manufacturers’ association ANFAC.

In November new car registrations fell 6.4 percent in Spain, with December marking the fourth consecutive month of declining new car registrations in the country. Throughout 2011, the number of new cars registered in Spain was 808,059 units, accounting for a drop of 17.7 percent compared to 2010, when 982.015 new cars were registered, ANFAC announced.

2011 is the second worst year for auto sales in Spain since official statistics were started, surpassed only by 1993, when 792.500 vehicles were registered in the country. 2011 is all also the third consecutive year in which registrations of new passenger cars were under 1 million units. Of the total of 808,059 vehicles sold in Spain in 2011, 708,041 were passenger cars (-19.11 percent), while 100,018 were all-terrain vehicles (-6.5 percent).