Spanish coachbuilder is working on… Chrysler PT Cruisers image

The Chrysler PT Cruiser appeared at a time when someone thought vintage model design could be packed in a modern wrapping – though in this particular case the results were decidedly modest.

In case you have one and reside in Spain, Europe there’s still a chance you can get to original manufacturer’s intention – to stand out in a crowd. That’s because Hurtan, a boutique manufacturer near Granada, Spain, has turned the Chrysler PT Cruiser into something interestingly weird – a retro-inspired, luxury convertible. The basic retro inspiration is taken a few steps further, as the result resembles European luxury cars of the 1930s and ‘40s. There are even choices – the Author is a PT-Cruiser-based convertible that seems to have been inspired by pre-World-War-II automotive styling. Meanwhile the Route 44 rebuilds a Fiat Ducato van (Ram ProMaster in the US) into something taken out of a fantasy comic.

Spanish coachbuilder is working on… Chrysler PT Cruisers 3

Hurtan, being a coachbuilder, actually works with each individual client to deliver a vehicle completely bespoke to the owner’s need. Just ten persons construct each example by hand, with donor models taken from the second-hand market of the entire continent. Part of the panache for Hurtan is the intricate handcrafted construction process, which lasts around 400 hours for the Author. And it’s not very expensive – starting at 35,000 euros – but the Route 44 goes a different path because the vans are brand new before the transformation.