Sparks flying inside new Top Gear roster – reports pit Evans and LeBlanc against each other image

The all new Top Gear season, complete with a full cast of new hosts, is just around the corner as the first episode should be aired this May, but controversy is still surrounding the popular show.

Last year we saw how the Top Gear “fracas” led to the BBC officials deciding to ditch Jeremy Clarkson as a host – which in turn led to the departure of his colleagues. The trio has been happily reunited over at Amazon Prime for a new show – involving, you guessed, automobiles. Now the Brits are on their way to revamping the Top Gear by using no less than seven hosts – though it appears the leaders will be Chris Evans and Matt LeBlanc. Well, it appears trouble still follows Top Gear since reports are pouring in on the animosity between the leading duo. Back in February when BBC revealed the entire cast The Sun alleged LeBlanc was not Evans’ choice but a studio decision to attract the US audience.

These days the matter seems to have escalated ever so slightly, according to Entertainment Daily. The reason was a drift stunt (see attached footage) that was performed by LeBlanc at The Cenotaph, a First World War memorial in London. While the video below shows the street had been closed down and the stunt captured by a professional crew, Evans still dismissed it as a bad move for the show’s image – with an apology issued on Twitter afterwards. “On behalf of the op Gear team and Matt and I would like to apologize unreservedly,” Evans also added while interviewed on a radio show. Reports are now calling the relationship between Evans and LeBlanc as “very frosty,” though the latter declared he is not “at war with Chris Evans” on his Twitter channel.